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    Data Linkage



      I have two data sets and want to link them by Item ID. It's not a 100% match(one is the sub-set of the other but each has different fields) when I use the filter on the smaller set of data I want to keep all items from the bigger set. examples as below.


      Data Set A                                          Data Set B

      Item Name    Qty                              Item Name        Date

      A                    1                                   A                    1/1/2013

      B                    2                                   C                    2/1/2013

      C                    5                                   E                    3/1/2013

      D                    1

      E                    4

      F                    2

      When selecting Date  "1/1/2013" and "2/1/2013", my target result would be

      Item Name   Qty

      A               1

      B               0

      C               5

      D               0

      E               0

      F               0