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    How to put a comment in a combobox

    Friedrich Hofmann



      I have the following problem:

      - I have a combobox with two items in it

           - a chart

           - a straight table containing some relevant details rgd. the charted data

      - The combobox has no caption_bar, nor do the two objects inside

      => Those only have an object_name - that way, I have two tabs with the name inside. Everything else would look a bit redundant.

      <=> Without a caption bar for the two objects, there is seemingly no way I can enter a comment (a short explanation of how the chart is to be read)


      Does anyone know any alternative way to do this?


      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,



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          I dont exactly understand what problem you are facing in terms of Qlikview Object for Combobox..
          What I can suggest is, You can use  text object right besides the chart and right your Caption or explanation on how to read the chart in the text box...


          If dis is not what you want, please elaborate a bit more on your requirement or rather provide a sample file highlighting your requirement.




          Rishabh Baj

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              Friedrich Hofmann

              Hi Rishabh,


              a text object is in principal a good idea - but I would then have to find a way of making that visible only of element_#1 (of the 2 elements in my combobox) is activated and I don't know of any way to tell about that.

              I will try to formulate my difficulty as precise as possible:

              - You know how you can enter a comment (with that '?')  in the caption bar of any object.

              - I have a combobox with two objects (both on the same data, a diagram and a straight table with details)

              - The tabs of the combobox (in my instance shown on top) are labeled with the names of the objects.

              - I have no other caption_bar except those tabs because it would be redundant, just repeating the name of the object

              <=> On those tabs I cannot place a comment, or can I?

              => There are alternatives of course (like using two separate objects with a visibility_condition), but I would like to stick to my combobox.

              => That is my question.

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                  Hi,First of all please clear me with one thing. With Combobox you are referring to a Container Object ??

                  I guess YES,

                  Now, I get that you are using two objects in this container object whose tabs you have placed at the top.
                  What you can do is enable the Caption and there right whatever you want as comment on how to read the diagram.

                  (But the problem with this might be, It will be visible for both the objects and you wont be able to hide it.)


                  I would again suggest you to use a text object for your comments instead of this and then apply action on the tabs of your Container to conditionally show/hide the text object.


                  Thanks and Regards

                  Rishabh Baj