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    Omitting Zeros in Charts



      I have a problem trying to define values in a chart in Qlikview. Here's the story:


      I have a report that moves from through different stages; received --> pending --> filed. As the report moves from one stage to the next it gets an date stamp when it gets the new status. A filed report will as a result have a received, pending and a filed date. A pending report, on the other hand, will only have a received and a pending date, where the filed date will show up as 0. This is all set in the SAP data base from where I load the data.


      Now, the problem is that when i set up a chart for all reports with the status "pending" over a set years, I will get a huge bar at year 0 due to the fact that it will then calculate all the reports with a year 0, that is all reports that has yet to be "filed".


      What I would like to do here is to is to include a conditional expression in the chart saying something like:



      received_date <> 0 AND

      pending_date <> 0 AND

      filed_date == 0



      (mind you here that I dont really know how all the syntaxes work yet )


      I just dont know how to do this. I cannot change the way the numbers are loaded into Qlikview - that's just not an option due to internal restrictions. I have been thinking about creating a sort of load table to sort the values, but I cant seem to that right either.