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    QV 11 Distributed Installation


      We are upgrading from QV 10 to QV 11 SR4, but we needed to change the QV topology -- instead of having *all* services into one single machine we would like to have the QVS on our DMZ and the rest of the services in another server in the internal network.

      After a couple of days of frustrated attempts, I decided to search for some orientation.


      Current scenario:


        • installed on our production LAN
        • the initial setup contains:
          • QV Directory Service Connector
          • QV Management Service
          • Distribution Service
          • MS IIS Support



        • installed on our DMZ
        • the initial setup contains:
          • QV Directory Service Connector
          • QV Server
          • MS IIS Support


      I am able to setup the DS license; however, i noticed that it automatic expects a QVS on the current machine, even when I selected not to install one.

      Looking at some documentation, I tried to define the second server on the QMC as qvp://QLIKVIEW-WEB:4747/; I see a network packet going from QLIKVIEW-APP to QLIKVIEW-WEB, but after a (long) while, it reports an error (see screenshots in attach)


      Is there a way to distribute the services in this way? What are we doing wrong?

      BTW, currently all firewall restrictions are removed between these 2 machines.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      Thanks in advance,


      José Nobre