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    Scrollbars not working

      Hi Guys,


      On a few of our end users computers, the scrollbars are not working. This happens when they view the model from the web portal.


      When clicked or dragged neither the scrollbar or the table moves.


      What could cause this behaviour? It is not on everybodies just certain users.


      Thanks very Much



        • Re: Scrollbars not working

          Hi Will,


          I have a similar problem. When I use

          Web browser + IE9 plugin - scrollbars are not present

          Web browser (IE or Firefox) + Browser mode - scrollbars are present

          Desktop client - scrollbars are not present

          Desktop client - webview - scrollbars are present.


          There is a setting to "allow copy / move" in the layout section of the chart - but this should not affect the appearance of scrollbars.


          I'm currently using ver 11 SR2 - I believe SR4 has addressed it (from release notes) but I haven't downloaded it as yet. hopefully it has been fixed.


          Good Luck - L Al.