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    QlikView bugs. Why? How to avoid?

      Mission of this topic to give a brief description of code places, where it can't be an error, but it happens.

      Sometimes it can proceed without any warnings...

      And you can't understand, why doesn't your application works in proper way.

      I assume, it would be most effective for beginners, like I'm.

      Example #1

      LOAD * Inline [


      ' a1'

      '  a2'

      '   a3'



      load data without spaces in the beginning. I faced with this problem tonight.

      xls-source contains spaces as hierarchy markers. And it was imbalanced tree.

      I don't know, how to avoid it.


      I tried with xls



           'A' & F1 as F1

      FROM ...


      First of all, QV decides to remove spaces and returns smth like that





      Please, response here if you know how to solve this problem. And I would be glad if you double your answer to my mail