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Community Manager
Community Manager

[Update February 2, 2021:  Forum Consolidation to begin Feb 5 and may last 2-3 days. During this time system mail and notifications will be disabled]


Hello Members,

Our Community Moderators move content from one forum to another in part because questions get posted to the wrong forum.  When that happens it may take longer for that question to get answered. 

I can't exactly recall how it came to be that we have 13 QlikView forums (yikes!) but it's no surprise we have this issue.  



Well, this is about to change and we hope to make your life MUCH easier when it comes to asking questions in our community!    

Phase 1 of our forum consolidation project will focus on QlikView.   Phase 2 will focus on a consolidation of Qlik Sense forums.  There may be a Phase 3 but let's save that conversation for another day.  This article will walk you thru the changes you can soon expect:

  • Today, we have 13 QlikView forums.  We are collapsing that to 5.   
  • 8 QlikView forums are being retired.  Content in retired forums will be relocated. 
  • Of the 5 forums remaining,  4 are being renamed. 

    Here is a snapshot on what you can expect.   



4 out of 5 forums will be renamed: 



Content housed in retired forums will be moved.  Here is your guide:


*all content moved has been tagged with the old forum name.  Check tag cloud :


This project involves many moving parts: movement of thousands of articles, renaming and downsizing of forums.  Plus, change is never easy and sometimes can feel disruptive.  We recognize this is a very big change for our members.  At the end of the day we strive to simplify the question-asking process so that in return members receive answers quickly.  We know you have other things to do.  

We'd like to thank the Qlik Product Marketing Team,  Qlik Digital Support Team and the few randomly selected community members that provided guidance and input.   We anticipate the change to go live by end of next week.  If anything changes, you will be the first to know. 

See you online! 
@Sue_Macaluso  and Melissa