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Is it possible to load de local JSON file into Sense?

Using the rest connector it works fine to connect to a remote JSON file .. but is it also possible to connect to a local JSON file using the REST connector?

i also tried to upload the json file in the "Content Library". But i get an error when i try to connect.

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Partner - Champion III
Partner - Champion III

Actually with the latest Qlik Sense (3.2 or later) and QlikView versions (12.10 SR3 or SR3 I think) it is possible to read JSON from a local file via the regular LOAD .... FROM  .... statement. It is not documented very well and the dialog boxes does not list JSON as a file format that is supported.

The syntax is like this:

LOAD * FROM C:\DATA\aJSONfile.json (JSON, utf8);

The JSON file must be an array of JSON objects like for instance this:


  {"firstname":"Alice","lastname":"Anderson"} ,

  {"firstname":"Bernie","lastname":"Ballard"} ,



I attached both a QlikView and a Qlik Sense application to demonstrate how it works with some simple JSON files.

This feature does not support nested JSON only a straightforward flat JSON table structure.