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    My friend and colleague ‌ bps(Patric Nordstron), Sr. Product Manage for Qlik GeoAnalytics, recently made me aware of some pretty cool tips and tricks he developed that allow you to customize your info bubbles when using Qlik GeoAnalytics map objects. It is written in a post here: Adding a Sense chart into a Qlik GeoAnalytics map info bubble‌. I though this was a really clever way of not only providing additional information on top of your Qlik GeoAnalytics maps, but also a great way to showcase the power of our Qlik Sense APIs. I decide to create a quick video on the topic as part of my series on making you more familiar with Qlik GeoAnalytics. Let us know what you think! Enjoy.


Qlik GeoAnalytics - Custom Info Bubble


Mike Tarallo - Twitter


Can't see the video? YouTube blocked by your region or organization? Download the .mp4 video to watch on your computer or mobile device.


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