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     Hi guys - continuing my series on making your more familiar with Qlik GeoAnalytics, I build on my previous example where we used the Qlik Geocoding service to grab and plot coordinate points for our video game store street addresses. In this example we will use the "Closest" operator, available from the Qlik GeoAnalyics Connector, to see which stores are the closest to my "home" within in a 30 mile radius. We will even take this to the next level and use a Line Layer to visual depict that distance as well. Watch or download the video and samples to learn more!

8-21-2018 3-12-02 PM.png

Qlik GeoAnalytics - The Closest Operator

Part 3: Get Familiar with Qlik GeoAnalytics - Custom Info Bubble


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Can't see the video? YouTube blocked by your region or organization? Download the .mp4 video to watch on your computer or mobile device.