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Soon we will introduce a new machine learning and predictive analytics capability to Qlik Cloud, Qlik AutoML. If you are interested in learning more, take a look at this quick video before getting started. 

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Qlik AutoML is part of a full suite of augmented analytics capabilities available in Qlik Cloud. Qlik AutoML recognizes patterns and drivers in historical data to create machine learning models that can predict future outcomes; using a simple no code approach for business analysts and analytics teams. First, it generates machine learning models from historical data, which are then used to make predictions in conjunction with your current data - with full explain-ability. You can further explore these predictive analytics and get real-time calculations in Qlik Sense apps, by making interactive selections and testing what-if scenarios with our advanced analytics capabilities.

8-15-2022 12-02-29 PM.jpg
Fig. 1 Qlik AutoML - A ML Experiment results page after generating a machine learning model


Machine learning and predictive analysis go beyond traditional data analytics and it is important to remember that Qlik AutoML should be used to solve the right types of business problems and requires specific ingredients for architecting a machine learning ready data set. Before using Qlik AutoML be sure to check out this brief video to learn what you should know and where you should go before you get started. 

Can't see the video - view on the Qlik Video Page

In Product Resource Guide

When creating a new Qlik AutoML Machine Learning Experiment in Qlik Cloud, you will see a screen pop up to guide you to the appropriate and additional resources to help you get started. I suggest you take a look at those. I am also linking them here in the post.



NOTE: This resource list will be updated in the next few days with more resources as they are delivered so please check back as needed. 

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