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It was back in 2015 when I first published the original Qlik Sense Search Cheat Sheet. Since then, and thanks to lots of individual contributors here in the Community, the Search Cheat Sheet has suffered several transformations to make it more complete and truthful.

@afurtado wrote me an email a few weeks ago because he was interested in getting the document localized for the Brazilian folks out there. In addition to thank him for his contribution and sending him the file I decided that it was about the time to get the Search Cheat Sheet an update. 

Today I want to introduce a new version of the document. I added the compound search section to it (@jayanttibhe  thanks for the tip), and I redesigned and rationalized the position of each element for better comprehension.

Qlik Sense Search Cheat Sheet.png


As an extra, I made the document multilanguage ready. So, if someone wants to translate the Cheat Sheet to other language (currently available in English, Spanish and Portuguese) please let me know in the comments section and I'll gladly tell you how to help us.


English - USA 
Portuguese - Brazil 
Spanish - Spain 
German @g_mitschke 
Russian @martynova 
Italian @AntonioCostantino 
French @arychener 


Hope you like it, and please share it.




Feb 28: French version thanks to @arychener 

Feb 25: Italian added thanks to @AntonioCostantino . Russian translation updated

Feb 13, 2020: Cheat sheet includes now the ^ Wildcard to be consistent with Qlik Help. Russian language added thanks to the contribution of @martynova 

Jan 29, 2020: German language added thanks to the contribution of @g_mitschke