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Product Release Webinar: Qlik Insider airing December 6! REGISTER TODAY!


I’m introducing today the Qlik Bracket Challenge, a new interactive data-driven application created by Qlik. The idea is simple, you register (+18 years old & US only), complete a bracket by picking the teams you think will win each match-up, and then you submit your bracket before the first game of the tournament starts.

The objective of the game is to accumulate the most points by correctly selecting the “winning pick” for each of the sixty-three match-ups, the winner takes home $100,000.

As we see things here at Qlik, to make a good decision, whether business related or not, having the right information is crucial. That’s why we like to make data accessible for you when you need it most. For the Qlik Bracket Challenge, we partnered with STATS to offer you data to support your picks, right when you need it.




The muscle of Qlik Bracket Challenge is Qlik Core, our analytics development platform that is built around our powerful Associative engine and Qlik-authored open source libraries. Qlik Core has let us build, extend and deploy fast, delivering at massive scale within our cloud environment.




From all eligible entries received, the winner ($100,000 prize) will be determined based on their ability to accurately select the winning teams and accumulate the most points during the 2019 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament.

I hope you enjoy it,