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How to Post/Ask a Question in any Community Forum

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Community Manager

How to Post/Ask a Question in any Community Forum

Posting/Asking a question within any of the community forums is easy.  First, navigate to the forum of your choice.  You can ask your question from the main landing page of the forum or from the Question & Discussion area of the forum. Please note, we recommend searching the forum before asking your question, the answer might already be there.

  • From the main landing page of the specific forum you have chosen, simply click the rectangular green button on the right that reads "Post a Question"  redesign ask question.png


    Enter the subject
    • Choose the board you wish to ask your question 
    • Enter the details of your question
    • Add any relevant tags (this will help in a search)
    • Choose relevant label(s) (this helps to categorize the question)
    • Click "Post"

You can see all the questions you have posted on under your "My Profile" page:redesign profile for ask question.png


More Help Available on the Help page 




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