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Cannot connect to On-demand app service or cannot create ODAG link

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Cannot connect to On-demand app service or cannot create ODAG link

Users trying to create a ODAG link but that fails.

A pop-error might appear on screen:

Cannot connect to On-demand app service.png

Whether or not the pop-up appears, ODAG logs and QlikSense Engine Logs confirm the presence of issues.



Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows 




Issue 1: ODAG request too large

Large ODAG requests and failures of a subsequent cleanup will cause request failures. 


Delete too large requests.

  1. Connect to the Qlik Sense Repository database (see How To Connect To And Modify The PostgreSQL Database Used For Qlik Sense Repository 
  2. Sort ODAG records with the following command:
    SELECT LENGTH("Messages"), "ID", "ModifiedDate", "GeneratedApp_ID" FROM "OdagRequests" ORDER BY LENGTH("Messages") DESC​
  3. Delete specific records:
    DELETE FROM "OdagRequests" WHERE "ID" = 'xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx'​

Note: Modification to the Qlik Sense Repository database are done at your own risk. Prior to making changes, backup the database in case of a rollback being necessary. Qlik Support will require the system to be restored to the previous state, should an issue occur after modifications were done. 

To avoid the likelihood of this problem from occurring again.

  1. In On-demand app settings in QMC, change the default settings "Number of days before purging historical data" from 90 to 1. 
  2. The template app script has trace messages, it logs where clause which can be huge because of large number of selections. You can comment that if not needed
    // TRACE Generated WHERE clause: ;


Issue 2:  ADMIN, INTERNAL\SA_API does not have access

To verify this issue, review the following two log files:

ODAG Logs:

349    20191009T181658.752+02:00    QlikServer1.domain.local    3.6.1    PreRequestHandler    INFO    API-ENTRY [143, ab5eef1b-b002-4216-af4c-847ff6a6559d, DOMAIN\sense2]:    POST    /v1/links?xrfkey=j6lNXDjW1Mz1wvwZ
350    20191009T181659.042+02:00    QlikServer1.domain.local    3.6.1    EngineRpc    INFO    API-ID [143]:    setupConnection:    Opening app 90715185-ccf2-4a3f-8934-efb339fb6b92 in qlikserver1.domain.local:4747
351    20191009T181659.498+02:00    QlikServer1.domain.local    3.6.1    EngineRpc    ERROR    API-ID [143]:    setupConnection: ODAG-ERR-1101: EngineResponseError: EngineRpc.setupConnection: Access denied
352    20191009T181659.499+02:00    QlikServer1.domain.local    3.6.1    EngineRpc    ERROR    API-ID [143]:    getAppScript: ODAG-ERR-1101: EngineResponseError: EngineRpc.getAppScript: EngineRpc.setupConnection: Access denied
353    20191009T181659.499+02:00    QlikServer1.domain.local    3.6.1    EngineRpc    ERROR    API-ID [143]:    getAppScript: ODAG-ERR-1101: EngineResponseError: EngineRpc.getAppScript: EngineRpc.getAppScript: EngineRpc.setupConnection: Access denied
354    20191009T181659.501+02:00    QlikServer1.domain.local    3.6.1    PreRequestHandler    INFO    API-EXIT [143]:    500

Engine Logs:

6423    20191009T181659.157+0200    WARN    QlikServer1    System.Engine.Engine    9    b8848da5-199f-4da4-8536-37eb35110162    DOMAIN\qvservice    System: DetermineAccess: Failed to access the following document 90715185-ccf2-4a3f-8934-efb339fb6b92  with the user:      0    INTERNAL    sa_api    20191009T181659.158+0200    5088    5784    9e106ca9-ea46-4b3a-a790-a83138e52514    90715185-ccf2-4a3f-8934-efb339fb6b92    20191005T201359.000+0200    b8848da5-199f-4da4-8536-37eb35110162
6424    20191009T181659.330+0200    WARN    QlikServer1    System.Engine.Engine    9    73519e8a-b41d-4d30-a232-8675425836c7    DOMAIN\qvservice    Document Load: The document 90715185-ccf2-4a3f-8934-efb339fb6b92 failed to load because of no access [5].    0    INTERNAL    sa_api    20191009T181659.331+0200    5088    5784    9e106ca9-ea46-4b3a-a790-a83138e52514    90715185-ccf2-4a3f-8934-efb339fb6b92    20191005T201359.000+0200    73519e8a-b41d-4d30-a232-8675425836c7



Add ADMIN, INTERNAL\SA_API user as part of section access in the ODAG template App.

Sample script:
Section Access;

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