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Continuous Axis Line Chart not working with missing values options

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Continuous Axis Line Chart not working with missing values options

In a line chart, the x-axis field has missing values for some of the line fields. For example, a chart shows the selling data for different products each month. For some months, a product can have no data.
You may want to show this missing data as zeroes in the line charts, so for these months the line goes to zero, but it is not possible. The missing data are simply ignored and line chart just creates a straight line to connect the two most close points, even if there is missing data in the middle.
The chart is not responding to changes in options for "Missing Values".
No matter what is selected, "show as zeros", "show as gaps" or "show as connections" it is displaying as "show as connections".

So "show as zeros" and "show as gaps" seem not to work.


Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows 
Qlik Cloud 
Qlik Sense Business 




A good workaround is to avoid missing data, for example converting them -when it is possible- to zeros.




In a continuous data model there is no way of knowing what the 'missing values' are, it depends entirely on the granularity of your data, e.g by day, by minute, by year etc. Without that information coming from engine we can't create gaps.

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