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Exporting and importing Security rules using Qlik-Cli

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Exporting and importing Security rules using Qlik-Cli


  1. Have Qlik-Cli installed and configured (see How to install Qlik-CLI for Qlik Sense on Windows) for more insight on how to install and configure Qlik-Cli)
  2. Create a PowerShell script using the following code as a base:

! Note that the code is provided as is and will need to be modified to suit specific needs. For assistance, please contact the original creators of Qlik-Cli.

Connect-Qlik -computername "QlikSenseServer.company.com"
# This will export the custom security rules and output them as secrules.json
Get-QlikRule -filter "type eq 'Custom' and category eq 'security'" -full -raw  | ConvertTo-Json  | Out-File secrules.json
# This will import secrules.json into a Sense site
# The ideal use case would be to move the developedsecurity rules from one environment to another, so connecting to another Sense site would likely be needed here
Get-Content -raw .\secrules.json |% {$_ -replace '.*"id":.*','' } | ConvertFrom-Json | Import-QlikObject


Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows , all versions

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