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Finetuning and preparing your NPrinting 19+ Deployment for use with QlikView and Qlik Sense


Finetuning and preparing your NPrinting 19+ Deployment for use with QlikView and Qlik Sense

In this webinar video, we will discuss:

  • System Resources & Requirements: Do you have enough power?
  • Best practices and preventative maintenance
  • NOTE: at 14:38, the QVF column shows 'QVW' in the rows beneath. This is a typo and should be QVF.


System resource requirements may vary from system to system.

  • The sizing information provided below should only be used as a general guide to sizing your system. There is no one-size fix all system resource solution. Please use system monitoring tools to monitor RAM and CPU usage as your NPrinting environment is deployed and grows over time.
  • Size and complexity of each individual QVF or QVW will vary and thus result in widely different in-memory consumption behavior.
  • NPrinting System resources will also need to be updated in order to scale with increased demand/usage of the NPrinting platform over time.


The sizing formula mentioned in the video has been updated as follows.


QlikView Connections:

  • [total # of logical processors on the NPrinting Engine/Server computer] x ["in-memory" ram per 'QV.exe' process in use ] = [Total Recommended Ram]

QlikSense Connections:

  • ([total # of logical processors on the NPrinting Engine/Server computer] x ["in-memory" ram per 'reporting_web_renderer.exe' in use ]) = [Total Recommended Ram]


In addition to above also ensure OS and other installed software resource requirements (ie Antivirus, MS Office etc) are met when sizing your NPrinting server/engine computer.


Please monitor your QS and QV servers and size those according to day to day activity as well as impact from NPrinting reporting connections.



Post video update: If you need to manage the number of cores/cpu processes used with NPrinting, you may do so using the following article:


How much RAM is consumed per application:


How to start investigating a suspected Qlik View Performance issue




How to start investigating a suspected Qlik Sense Performance issue




Reference: NPrinting Architecture and Scalability: 



Q&A - Finetuning your NPrinting 17 Deployment

Q: Will NPrinting 17.4 also be available for Windows 2008 R2? (when Qlik Sense is used?)

A: Windows 2008 R2 is NOT going to be supported with QlikSense. Please view help.qlik.com for the

latest uptodate system requirements


Q: Can we install NPrinting on same QDS cluster ??

A: Please check help.qlik.com for NPrinting supported and unsupported configurations. Installing

NPrinting on a server that hosts other processes may work but may cause descreased performance for

both system. A dedicated NP server is recommended


Q: Should the hardware fall into the Whitelist for standard QV and QS servers?

A: Ensure that ports are open between the NP and QV and or QS server as mentioned in the

presentation. Yes, you may also add the NP server to whitelists but its not neccesary by default


Q: When installing NP Engine and NP Server on the same machine, do the requirements add up

A: For QlikView: Number of cores * number of logical processors * "in memory" ram = Total Recommended Ram (plus OS and other

software resource requirements)

For QlikSense: 2 NP processes* [Cores] * sum of "in memory“ ram  = Total Recommended Ram (plus OS

and other software resource requirements)


Q: We're planing two jobs, one at 08:00 and the other one 09:00. JobA takes 4 hours - will JobB start at

A: IN NP 17 both jobs can run simultaneously.


Q: If we have a QV cluster and the App is already open and in memoery, will the NP connection utilize

the existing in memory app?

A: The NP Scheduler manages all processes including cluster connections and will use the same open

connection. If new connections are needed, the scheduler will close any open QV.exe's as needed


Q: Nprinting Loads QVFs into NPRINT Server or QLIK SERVER assuming QLIk and NPRinting is in 2

different machine

A: Report processing always done in this case on the QS server.


Q: How long are you planning to support NPrinting 16? We need this because NP17 is so slooooow!

A:  The support for NP 16 is now available to End of 2018 Dec. 7.


Q: Will a Monthly scheduling option be added?

A: yes eventually but you can achieve the same result by creating 12 - 1 shot trigger schedules for the

time being


Q: if i have SBE verion of Qlikview can i deploy on one server?

A: the requirements are the same for SBE and Enterprise


Q: Please confirm if we need a QlikView license for the local connection on the NP sever

A: A QV cal must be assigned to the NP service account user or you can use a desktop license installed on

the NP server while logged on as the NP service account


Q: Hi. What about deploying NP and QV Publisher on the same server. Would that be ok?

A: yes but it will degrade performance of both servers versus having dedicated servers.


Q: And, how do we licnse Qlik Sense so that all process stay on the NP server and NOT be launched on

the Qlik Sense // QlikView server

A: It is not possible to keep all processes on the NP server/engine for QlikSense


Q: How about On Demand Nprinting?

A: NPrinting On Demand is available for QlikView at the moment since NP 17.2 SR 2


Q: When distributing reports with section access. Will the report be filterd by the section access domain

user of each distribution user ?

A: yes but you must configure the settings for the connection in NPrinting to use section access. See

help.qlik.com for more information


Q: Exellent Presentation. Is it possible to send a link for this presentation?

A: Yes video link will be sent out.


Q: Hello, will we have the cycle functionnality in the new version of NPrinting? Thank you

A: yes later this year or early next


Q: Can you please talk about Section Aceess and Qlik Sense? We have users comming from LDAP /

Database.....BUt enabling section access with those users is not working. I was told by the support that

all the users must be windows based. Is that true?

A: Yes all users must be windows based with active directory accounts. See help.qlik.com for more



Q: Is the bug of the nprinting service not releasing the QV.exe process fixed in 17.4?

A: All QV.exe stay open in the background service and closed by the NP scheduler service. A 'save as' bug

has been resolved in NP 17.3 SR 1 for QVP connections


Q: Will there be a import filter wizard in a later versions like in version 16.x

A: its on the road map but no milestone date as of yet


Q: can we use the same NP Service Account on two NP Servers, Dev and Prod for example

A: No. This will cause disruptions of NPrinting process on one or both of your servers.

A dedicated account is required for Each NP environment


Q: when is 17.4 due for release?

A: Mid June


Q: Will NP 17.4 have a desktop client in the same way we have for V16?

A: you MUST install the NP designer in order to design reports for NP 17.

after installing, you can access this from the reports section of the NP web console


Q: Question for 17.4: How can we trigger a NP17 job from QS or QV QMC?

A: currently not available


Q: Can triggers be executed by external events like QV reloads can with the EDX component?

A: not at the moment


Q: in 17.4 Pivot Tables are supported?

A: Yes for QlikView

No for QlikSense


Q: I"m running qlikview with nprinting...I've noticed that I end up with many qv.exe processes that seem

to NEVER go away unless I kill them manually. Eventually my reports don't generate and don't distribute.

Am I doing something wrong? How do I clean up?

A: do not kill the QV.exe's. this is normal. The NP scheduler manages the QV.exe processes and they are

left in memory by default. They are closed as needed by the NP scheduler


Q: I'm currently running NP v15.  How easy is it to upgrade to v17?  Can I import all my reports/schedules

directly into v17?

A: There is no direct upgrade path from NP 16 to NP 17

For report migratin information see article 000029511 on the Customer/Partner Qlik support portal


Q: Question for 17.4: Is there a Test Button to verify a distribution like it was easily possible in NP16?

A: not at the moment but it is on the R&D roadmap


Q: What is the outcome of not removing always one selected values and othe non-supported features

from qwv files?

A: unexpected report output results and fail metadata reloads


Q: Question: what are the compatible versions of QlikView + NPrinting? Is there any table of compatible


A: Set installation requirements available at help.qlik.com


Q: Do you have rollback function on app's, to get back to previos version?

A: Backup and restore utility included in NPrinting.


Q: When is the cyclic fields are comming for QSense or QView?

A: late 2017 or Earl 2018


Q: Why reading metadata tools so long? It takes even longer (n-times)than reload of QV app sometimes.

Will this be improved in the future?

A: upgrade to the most recent version of NPrinting 17.3 or higher if you are on an older version or

increase the CPUs and memory on your computer to improve performance


Q: what about tha low performanc on reading metadat on large QVW (about 20 GB in memory?

A: I would recommend to copy this QVW and trimming your large QVW down to a size only needed for

reporting purposes. This is a common technique many of our enterprise customers currently follow


Q: Could be possible to include HTML reports in the email body?

A: Feature is tentatively scheduled for Feb. 2018


Q: How about the Migratio tools for .nsq files from 16.x to 17.x

A: check article 000029511 on the Qlik Customer/Partner portal


Q: Is it possible to set CPU affinity for Engine?  Would be nice.

A: not currently possible.


Q: Will we be able to chain tasks together in a future release?

A: Uncertain at this time.


Q: basically we still need to do repository snapshot from test to prod then

A: Yes you must currently use the backup and restore process in NPrinting 17.


Q: so can we import object ids used in template too from NSQ or not?

A: NSQs cannot be use directly with NPrinting 17. However, you can migrate NP 16 reports to NP 17. For

more information, please reach out to Qlik Consulting services


Q: Hi, when the process is offloaded to QV or QS server. DO we need to consider resizing of existing of

QV/QS servers?

A: Yes, it would be useful to evaluate the performance of your QV and QS servers against the metrics

provided in this presentation and adjust as needed.


Q: is the calculation of RAM for Nprinting the same in version 16 and 17?

A:  Yes it is similar but excluding sense as this is not supported in NP 16.


Q: Sorry but I do not understand update/upgrade path/possibilities from 16.3+ to 17.4;  can you update

all of us?

A: Contact Qlik Consulting for additional details on migration to NP 17 from NP 16.

There is NO direct upgrade path. They are completely separate platforms. You can only migrate

individual reports. All other items cannot be migrated.


Q: Does these same best practices aplies to On demand/

A: Yes

Q: Does NPrinting support to use the special character in the password, E.g. '$' '@' etc.

A: Yes, but in certain combination of different character might cause the installation failed, suggest to use simple password. It also depends on the sever locale or region setting. 

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