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How To Verify if Qlik Sense Is Running With Centralized Logging Service


How To Verify if Qlik Sense Is Running With Centralized Logging Service

Centralized logging has been introduced since Qlik Sense September 2017 release. After install, it may not be obvious if Sense is using the logging service, or still only logging to flat files.

We aim to explain how to verify if Centralized logging is enabled or disabled.


From what source are the Monitor App QVDs getting data?

The first indication of whether or not Centralized Logging is used, is where the monitoring applications are getting their data from. 
Navigate to C:\Programdata\Qlik\Sense\Log
Files may either have _file or _db added to their filename. 
governanceLogContent_7.10.0_file.qvd would mean flat files are used.
governanceLogContent_7.10.0_db.qvd means the logging database is providing data. 

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Checking Centralized logging mode using Window OS commend

The following command can validate whether Centralized Logging is enabled or not:

  • Open CMD.exe as Administrator
  • Go to Logging folder: cd C:\Program Files\Qlik\Sense\Logging
  • Run the following command: Qlik.Logging.Service.exe validate
CentralizedLoggingEnabled: True    ( Centralized logging enabled )
CentralizedLoggingEnabled: False  ( Centralized logging disabled )

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   If you want to enable/disable Centralized Logging mode. Please refer to this relevant article How To Enable/Disable Centralize Logging Mode


Verifying Qlog database and qlog_writer&qlog_reader are created using pgAdmin


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Qlik Sense services are running with Central logging. If Centralized logging mode is enabled and Qlog database and qlog_writer&qlog_reader are created.

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