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How and When to Contact the Consulting Team?

Digital Support
Digital Support

How and When to Contact the Consulting Team?

Consulting team needs to be contacted when either one of the following is true:

  • There is a need for step-by-step deployment walk-through assistance.
  • There is interest in Consulting Services and someone would like to get in touch with them.
  • There are questions about Consulting Services
  • The assistance needed is of "how-to", "development task", "performance baseline / benchmark", and/or of "health-check" nature and could not be satisfied by Posting to the Qlik Community.
  • The assistance needed is not of break/fix nature, Feature Request, report of known or potential new product defect, nor an inquiry in reference to information that can be found under published resources such as Knowledge Base, Release Notes, and Qlik Help.



1. Contact the Consulting team at Qlik Consulting Services
2. Download the Qlik Consulting Catalog found in that page.
3. Scroll all the way down and Click CONTACT US

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4. If Consulting Contacts cannot be found in the list, contact your Account Manager and/or contact owner if available. 

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