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How logging works in Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows

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How logging works in Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows

In Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows log files are by default stored in %ProgramData%\Qlik\Sense\Logs
In this directory, you will basically see one subdirectory per component.

For each component you have three subdirectories:

  • Audit: High-level user actions (i.e. Open Document, document reload, get ticket, login success, user directory sync)
  • System: Service log, all errors and system/service operations (i.e.System Settings, server physical ram, NIC config)
  • Trace: Debug diagnostic (i.e. User selections, https redirects, method work times, session information)

These logs get archived in \\<server>\<share>\ArchivedLogs following those 3 triggers: 

  • On a service restart
  • If the file is reaching 8MB
  • If the file is older than 12 hours

! An exception to the archiving is done for Qlik Sense reload/script logs. See Qlik Sense Script logs are deleted from ArchivedLogs location for details. Only old logs are kept by default.  

The Archived Logs folder can grow quickly depending of the traffic you have in your environment and the level of detail the logs are set to.

It's recommended to clean this directory on a regular basis.

Qlik recommends keeping at least one month of logs in order to trace a root cause of an issue. 

For more information on logs and using them to troubleshoot, please refer to the Qlik Online Help.

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