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How to Change Default NPrinting Ports


How to Change Default NPrinting Ports



In some cases, an organization may have specific network policies preventing certain ports from being used or has specific port requirements that the NPrinting Default Ports do not meet or the customer. Therefore it may be necessary to change the port because it is in use by another program or process.



  • Supported versions of NPrinting



Please note before proceeding:

  • Incorrectly applying the steps below may cause your NPrinting server to cease operating.
  • hanging these ports is optional and should otherwise be left as is if there is no specific requirement to modify therein.
  • Backup all config files before making any of the changes below.

In the following path, you will find the webengine.config file:


C:\Program Files\NPrintingServer\NPrinting\WebEngine


1. Before you begin , make sure to make a backup copy of the webengine.config file.1. Open this file with a text editor
2. Change the following parameters in this file to which ever port you require from the default port values for the Webconsole 4993 and the NewsStand 4994:

  • webconsole-proxy-port
  • newsstand-proxy-port

3. Save the webengine.config file after making the above changes
4. Restart the Qlik NPrinting Webengine service.
5. Switch to your Web Browser and ensure that you update your NPrinting Web Console and NewsStand bookmarks to use your newly updated port values

For example

It is NOT necessary to change the app.conf file port information in the following files
C:\Program Files\NPrintingServer\proxy\webconsoleproxy\src\qlik.com\webconsoleproxy\conf\app.conf
C:\Program Files\NPrintingServer\proxy\newsstandproxy\src\qlik.com\newsstandproxy\conf\app.conf


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