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How to Connect to the PostgreSQL Database used for Qlik NPrinting Repository


How to Connect to the PostgreSQL Database used for Qlik NPrinting Repository


ATTENTION: Customers and Partners modifying the Repository will void the Support Agreement!

Qlik Nprinting use PostgreSQL as the repository database.

This article explain the steps about how to use the PostgreSQL client (pgAdmin) to connect to the Qlik Nprinting Repository

Note: Manual modification of Nprinting Repository Database is not supported and can cause product failure. Changes to the database should be performed by the NPrinting services or supported API calls.

  1. Go to Windows Services.msc and stop, Qlik Nprinting Engine, Qlik Nprinting Scheduler, Qlik Nprinting Web Engine, RabbitMQ.
Note: Please keep QlikNprintnigRepoService running
  1. Go to Folder C:\Program Files\NPrintingServer\pgsql\bin and double click  pgAdmin3.exe 
  2. Click Add a connection to a server button
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  1. Enter below information into New Server Registration window and press OK button
Name: Nprinting
Server: localhost
Port: 4992
Maintenance DB: Postgres (select from pull down)
Username: Postgres
Password:  The password that you entered on installation

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  1. Now connected to Qlik Nprinting Repository
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It may be necessary to perform the following in order to connect to the database from other servers or from same NPrinting server without using 'localhost' or loopback IP:
1. Stop all NPrinting services including the repoService.
2. Obtain a backup copy of and then open the file C:\ProgramData\NPrinting\data\postgresql.conf
Note: Older version may store this under c:\Program Files\NPrintingServer\data instead.
3. Change the parameter listen_addresses to equal '*', and remove the # sign from the beginning of the parameter string
listen_addresses = '*'
4. Save and close the file.
5. Obtain a backup copy of and then open the file C:\ProgramData\NPrinting\data\pg_hba.conf
6. Change the line below the string "# IPv4 local connections:" to look like the following:
host all all md5
7. Save and close the file.
8. Start the QlikNPrintingRepoService.
9. Attempt connecting to the database.
It is recommended to have all remaining services stopped when connecting to the database
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