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How to convert between different QlikView shared file formats

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Digital Support
Digital Support

How to convert between different QlikView shared file formats

The original format is recognizable by the .Shared ending, while the transactional shared file format ends with .TShared. A shared file using the transactional .TShared format is more reliable in case of failures, such as network issues, power outages, or insufficient storage space on disk. We recommend to use the .TShared format for files larger than 2 GB, because this format can handle file size up to 16 EB (exabyte). You can use the two different formats, original and transactional, simultaneously for different applications on the same server. However, only one format (either .Shared or .TShared) should be used in a given application.

The -f parameter allows to use the cleaning tool to convert between different shared file formats, such as .TShared and .Shared.
The format can be specified as:

  • same The file format of the input file will be used.
  • orig The original .Shared format is used as output format.
  • tx The .TShared format is used as output format.

If the -f parameter is not specified, the default option is same.


  • QlikView 12.20 (November 2017) and up




  1. Create a copy of the QVS executable. By default the QVS.exe is installed in C:\Program Files\QlikView\Server
  2. Navigate to the folder where the copy of the QVS.exe is located.
  3. Example to change the output format:

    1. Convert .TShared to .Shared
      QVS.exe -x "C:\Temp\1.QVW.TShared" -p -f orig​
       And you will get a 1.QVW.Shared_clean file on the same folder as a result. Simply rename the resulting .Shared_clean to .Shared.

    2. Convert .Shared to .TShared
      QVS.exe -x "C:\Temp\1.QVW.Shared" -p -f tx
      And you will get a 1.QVW.TShared_clean file on the same folder as a result. Simply rename the resulting .TShared_clean to .TShared.

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Thanks for the post.

I need to convert the existing Shared file to TShared withour loosing it's content.

Perhaps I am missing something, but the only option that works in my case was the option [-p], which purges the file. 

I need to present all the content of the "original" file, but just convert it to TS format. 

I've tried to do that using [........ -v -f tx] command, but nothing happens. No error, just no conversion. 

I would appreciate any suggestions.



Digital Support
Digital Support

Hello @VladKomarov 

You are using the correct syntax. A Shared_clean file should be created, which you can then rename. If that does not happen, even with the right syntax used, I would recommend logging a ticket with support and sending over the .shared file that you wish to have converted.

Make certain to mention the versions used!

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