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How to install Qlik-CLI for Qlik Sense on Windows

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How to install Qlik-CLI for Qlik Sense on Windows

Qlik-Cli (https://github.com/ahaydon/Qlik-Cli) is a PowerShell module that provides a command line interface for managing a Qlik Sense environment. The module provides a set of commands for viewing and editing configuration settings, as well as managing tasks and other features available through the APIs.

The Qlik Sense repository service (QRS) contains all data and configuration information for a Qlik Sense site. The data is normally added and updated using the Qlik Management Console (QMC), but it is also possible to communicate directly with the QRS using its API. This enables the automation of a range of manual QMC based tasks.

The QRS API is delivered as a Representational State Transfer (REST) web service that contains a number of paths (also referred to as endpoints) that are used to execute various functions. To communicate with these paths, HTTP calls that contain GET, POST, PUT, or DELETE requests are made.

IMPORTANT: Qlik CLI is distributed as an open-source solution through GitHub, and is not supported by Qlik. Please see license file in GitHub project for the current license agreement of Qlik CLI. For a fully supported version use the Qlik-CLI for SaaS editions. For support information see Qlik CLI support and compatibility 


Here are the commands show in the video above:

Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned
cd 'C:\Program Files\WindowsPowerShell\Modules'
Set-Location "C:\Program Files\WindowsPowerShell\Modules\Qlik-Cli"; Get-ChildItem -Recurse | Unblock-File
Import-Module Qlik-Cli
Import-Module .\Qlik-Cli.psd1


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I am not clear, what the official "qlik-cli" (from https://qlik.dev/libraries-and-tools/qlik-cli/#installation) can do around Qlik Sense for Windows environments? There is a name confusion with "Qlik-CLI", a Powershell add-on by Adam Haydon and unsupported by Qlik, and the official above. The official one even offers to create a "context" to a Windows Sense server: 


Can you share an example of how that would work? (There are no API keys on Windows, but the connection would have to work in a different way ...)

Can you explain, if Qliks "qlik-cli" is supposed to succeed Adam's Qlik-CLI in the future?


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