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How to trace user login, usage, and exit in QlikView

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Digital Support

How to trace user login, usage, and exit in QlikView

This is a high-level overview on how to track users landing on the QlikView platform, using it, and exiting, as well as on how to troubleshoot a QlikView user session.

The following log files are used for tracing purposes:

  • QlikView WebServer log files
  • QlikView Server Session log files

The information provided is as is and based on examples from log files out of QlikView 12.20. With the details provided, it should be possible to form an understanding of a users path through the QlikView system and might help troubleshoot issues and/or developer a customised application for monitoring. 

Default locations for these files are:


Locations can be modified, reference our Help or Article Database for details. 


QlikView WebServer, logging level set to High:
Request received [POST]: http://localhost/QvAJAXZfc/AccessPoint.aspx  
[Authentication request is being handled]
Sending to 'qlikserver2:4747': <Global method="GetAdminDocListForUser"><UserId></UserId></GroupListIsNames></Global>
[User information is sent on to the QlikView Server]
Received from 'qlikserver2:4747': <Global><DocList></DocList></Global>
[Information has been received from the server, including the document list that will populate the AccessPoint]
Sending to 'qlikserver2:4747': <Global method="GetTicket"><UserId></UserId></Global>
[Ticket Request is being sent and will be returned from QlikView Server]


QlikView Server Event log, logging level set to High:
Ticket created: Ticket (F5AAD19715E6CF223C1E484D2D73E475B03E7EA4) for User 
[User was sent in by WebServer]
Ticket Lookup: Ticket F5AAD19715E6CF223C1E484D2D73E475B03E7EA4 was found.
Server: Document Load: Beginning open of document
System: Document Load - ODE1: Document \\QLIKSERVER2\share\root\test.qvw, AuthenLev(2). Authuser() 
[Document in progress of loading]
DOC loading: Beginning load of document \\QLIKSERVER2\SHARE\ROOT\TEST.QVW.
Document Load: The document \\QLIKSERVER2\share\root\test.qvw was loaded. 
[Document done loading]
System: Server - UpdateSharedFile: updating DONE for document \\QLIKSERVER2\SHARE\ROOT\TEST.QVW 
[Sharedfile access (does user have bookmarks? objects? Load them in now]
CAL usage: Named CAL "User" now used - ok. 
[CAL handout - can be any CAL]
CAL usage: Using CAL of type "Named User" for user "User". Named user cals in use: 1 
[CALs can be counted! Not users]
Information    Session stop reason: Socket closed by client 
[User hit the CLOSE button in AJAX]
CAL usage: Named CAL session for user "User" stopped 
[This ends the CAL usage. Proper Session closure can be caught in the Session log]


QlikView Audit log, logging level Any:

User activity can be traced in the Audit log, including clicks in documents, export actions, and bookmark selection.  

Document	Type	User	Message		
Document.qvw	Document	User	Open	Document\SH01	
Document.qvw	Bookmark	User 	Apply Server\BM01-101		
Document.qvw	Document	User 	Close	Document\SH01	
Document.qvw	Document	User 	Open	Document\SH01	
Document.qvw	Bookmark	User 	Apply Server\BM02-101		
Document.qvw	Document	User 	Open	Document\SH01	
Document.qvw	Sheet	User 	Activated sheet	Document\SH10	
Document.qvw	Selection	User 	Clear All		
Document.qvw	Bookmark	User 	Apply Server\BM01-101


QlikView Server Session Log, logging level Any:

The session log will record the closure of the session, never the current progress or beginning. Each line includes the timestamps for start and end of the session, what user, what document, exit reason, type of CAL used, etc.

Session close examples:

Session expired after idle time
Session expired after elapsed time
Socket closed by client
Killed because Named User Cal was needed from another client

More details can be found in: "Exit Reason" in QVS Session Log.

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Labels (2)

Hi @Sonja_Bauernfeind ,

Thanks for sharing this wonderful content.

My goal is to capture a list of UserID who are Logging into the Access Point portal at various times. How can I get the list of all UserIds from WebServer Logs, mainly from this piece: 

[Authentication request is being handled]
Sending to 'qlikserver2:4747': <Global method="GetAdminDocListForUser"><UserId></UserId></GroupListIsNames></Global>


Or, are there any ways to periodically capture this UserId list and export to any table or a QVD? Please share some insights.

Thanks in Advance. 

Digital Support
Digital Support

Hello @dmohanty 

We do not have an out of the box solution that parses this specific data you, however, you already have the correct log file. From there on it is a matter of parsing the file to read the information you are looking for.

What we have is the Governance Dashboard though, does this already provide you with the info you need? Governance Dashboard User Activity.

All the best,

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