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Migrating from NPrinting 16 to NPrinting 17+ (NPrinting September 2019 and earlier versions)

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Migrating from NPrinting 16 to NPrinting 17+ (NPrinting September 2019 and earlier versions)

*NOTE: There is no direct/inplace upgrade path from NP 16 to NP 17+ as they are completely separate platforms. NP 16 is 32 bit Client server program and NP 17 and higher versions are 64 bit Web based console deployment.*

NOTE regarding Gap List: R&D is working on filling the Gap List before deprecation of NPrinting 16.x in March 2020 or shortly thereafter. Please reach out to your Qlik Account Manager or Support Partner who can request updates for you regarding the feature gap list. NPrinting Bookmark Filters and NPrinting Linked fields are gap features that will not be integrated into NP 17+ platform. (FTP destinations will not be implemented as a gap feature for the time being. R&D will re-examine the possibility of adding this feature some time after March 31, 2020)

  • NPrinting 16 (32 bit) and NPrinting 17+ (64 bit) and higher versions must not be installed on the same server concurrently.
  • We recommend setting up NP 17+ in a separate environment with a separate dedicated NP server service account and evaluate NP 17+ separately from NPrinting 16. You may use your NP 16 server license for your NP 17+ installation but you would need to turn off your NP 16 server to mitigate licensing conflicts with existing maintenance agreements. If you wish to evaluate NP 17+ separately, you may be able to request a trial license from your Qlik Account Manager. 
  • NPrinting September 2019 and earlier versions it is only possible to migrate NPrinting 16 Reports to the NPrinting 17 + platform.
  • NP 16 Filters, connections, tasks, recipients, schedules etc cannot be migrated using the aforementioned platform. A new migration tool is now available with NPrinting November 2019 release and newer versions. (For more information about NP 17+ platform, visit the following link: Qlik NPrinting 17 + Platform Video Tutorials and Training Resources)

***NOTE: For NPrinting November 2019 and later versions, see NPrinting 16 to 19 + Migration Playbook***

For information regarding requirements and installation process for NP 17+, please visit:

Information regarding sizing and other preparation considerations before migrating to your NPrinting 17+ Deployment

*NOTE: It is very important to meet the NPrinting 17+ system hardware, sizing requirements and to remove unsupported QV items before attempting to implement your migration plan*

Report Migration and Troubleshooting

Deprecation Reminder:

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