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NPrinting _FAILED_ or _(FAILED)_ appears in the generated NPrinting report file names

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NPrinting _FAILED_ or _(FAILED)_ appears in the generated NPrinting report file names


Issue reported 

  • _FAILED_ or _(FAILED)_ appears in the generated report file names.



Qlik NPrinting : All Supported Versions




Check the following (Remember that a cycle behavior is similar to that of a filter).

  • Clean up invalid variable formulas. Ensure the formulas behind your variables are valid
  • Clean up duplicate variables. Each variable must have a unique name in order to prevent issues for NPrinting reporting
  • Clean up unused variables. In past cases we found thousands of unused variables were parsed and caused the _FAILED_ report output
  • Make sure that the dimension(s) in your report 'cycle' are all valid.
  • Simply create a new, simple report with a single valid chart and cycle the report with the dimension that results in "FAILED" report output name. Then create report task with this report and execute the task.
  • If the task works with no other filters in use, there could be some kind of filter/cycle conflict
  • Check that the dimensions you are trying to access in a report 'cycle' and report 'filter' do not conflict. 
  • Removing the conflicting filter (same filter used in the cycle) may resolve the issue.
  • NPrinting Upgrade may be required:
    • Check if the issue still persists in NPrinting November 2020 (or higher version). If you are on an older version please do first an according upgrade on a test environment and test if this solves the reported issue (as the upgrade might solve the defect "OP-9394" which caused the error "ERROR: System.InvalidOperationException: Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute.")


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