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NPrinting Server Web Console Publish Task Completely Hangs


NPrinting Server Web Console Publish Task Completely Hangs

The NPrinting Server Web Console Publish Task completely hangs in the processing of an NPrinting Server Web Console Publish Task execution


  • Any Supported NPrinting Web Console server environment


Possible Causes:
  • System Requirements not met: For example, sharing the NPrining server/engine service account.
  • Unsupported items, unsupported platform or Incomplete configuration
  • QV and or QS server resources are at full capacity: near 100% utilization
  • QV and or QS services are not started
  • Section access 
  • Folder permissions are not enabled for the NP service account
  • Older versions of NPrinting with Known "connect failed" issues (November 2019 and earlier versions)


Checklist to troubleshoot and solve this issue:

  • Destinations: Ensure that the NPrinting Service account has permissions/access to local folders and network folders if using local NP connections. These Windows 'share' and 'security' permissions are necessary to configure if you intend to distribute NPrinting reports to a network or local destination. To configure 'Destinations' visit Distributing reports to folders
  • Section Access: If you are using Section Access in your QVW or QVF, it must be NTLM section access and the NPrinting service account as well as the identity used in the NPrinting connection should be added to the section access load script as ADMIN access. Further you must use QVP connections when using Section Access. See Section access
  • Enable and check interactive services detection - Enable safe macros if requested in the Interactive Services Detection Window. See How To Enable Interactive Services Detection
  • Antivirus: Check whether antivirus software on the NPrinting server is set to aggressive and make the necessary antivirus exceptions: See Qlik NPrinting Server and Designer Anti Virus Folder Exclusions
  • Ports: Check that the necessary Ports are managed accordingly (see the section below and 'Related Content' section of this article) if you have a network or computer firewalls enabled
  • Report preview fails with error: Attempt to preview the report with the report task. If the report fails to preview normally and an error is generated, the problem is with the NPrinting report and not the task. See possible solution hereNPrinting Qlik Sense Images Fail to Render Export Generate or Preview
  • Server compatibility: Ensure that the NPrinting and Qlik Sense and or QlikView servers are not running on the same Windows server computer. See Supported and unsupported configurations
  • Server performance: Check the QlikView Server and Qlik Sense server performance. If those servers resources are maxed out/fully utilized ie: CPU and Memory nearing 100 percent usage, NPrinting may fail to open any QVWs or QVFs.
  • Restart Servers: Check that the QlikView Server and Qlik Sense server services are fully operational and running. Restart these services on a regular basis to mitigate performance issues related to Windows Memory leaking. Rebooting servers on a regular basis is recommended for any Windows Server.

Keep in mind: In many cases due to certain defect fixes, upgrading often resolves connection issues when running older versions of NPrinting assuming that the information in this article above is first fully addressed. It is suggested that you upgrade to the most recent version of NPrinting available from the Qlik Support downloads site to leverage any recent bug fixes and performance enhancements. Always check corresponding product release notes and NPrinting system requirements before upgrading.

NOTE: it is not possible to 'upgrade' to supported versions of NPrinting Server Web Console from the NP 16 platform. In this case, 'Migration and Migration planning' is required see NPrinting 16 to 17 + Platform Advanced Migration Tool and Playbook

Port Exceptions

NPrinting Web Console Server: Firewall

The following ports need to be opened inbound on the Qlik NPrinting Server to allow access from web browsers and Qlik NPrinting Designer:

  • 80
  • 443
  • 4993
  • 4994
  • 4995
  • 4996
  • Additional ports and information under the Help site.

The following ports need to be opened inbound on the Qlik Sense server, and outbound on Qlik NPrinting Server and Qlik NPrinting Engines:

  • 4242
  • 4243
  • 4997

The following port needs to be opened outbound on Qlik NPrinting Engines in a multi-engine deployment:

  • 5672

The following ports need to be opened inbound on the Qlik NPrinting Scheduler in a multi-engine deployment:

  • 5672
  • 4993
  • 4994
  • 4997

The following port needs to be opened outbound on Qlik NPrinting Server and inbound on all Qlik NPrinting Engines:

  • 4997


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