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NPrinting how to manage max number of QV.exe (QlikView) and QS reporting_web_renderer.exe (Qlik Sense) in use

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NPrinting how to manage max number of QV.exe (QlikView) and QS reporting_web_renderer.exe (Qlik Sense) in use

A large number of qv.exe (QlikView) and or QS reporting_web_renderer.exe (Qlik Sense) processes (i.e. Publish or Reload tasks) are running on server freezing it due to usage of all available memory (thus insufficient memory) on the NPrinting Server (Engine) computer.

NPrinting Scheduler uses an algorithm to manage the number of processes (QV.exe or QS reporting_web_renderer.exe) enabled when connecting to QVW documents or QVF apps.

Since NPrinting is designed to use all the available resources (one .exe per core/logical processes) on the server, in some scenarios it may be necessary to set a temporary limit until additional RAM can be added. Please note that if RAM use issues are observed with QlikView connections to local .qvw files (stored on the NPrinting server or a share), RAM use can significantly be decreased by using QlikView Server connections (via qvp protocol) which would offload most of the RAM use to the QlikView Server.





Managing QlikView and Qlik Sense processes

  1. Stop the Qlik Nprinting Engine Service ( "on all nodes you have installed it ")
  2. Backup of %ProgramFiles%\NPrintingServer\NPrinting\Engine\engine.config ( check the right path if you have a custom install )
  3. Open with text editor %ProgramFiles%\NPrintingServer\NPrinting\Engine\engine.config
  4. Next, inside the the app setting section of the engine.config file "<appSettings> .... </appSettings>"
  5. Add a row with the number of resolvers above the </appSettings> closing tag as shown below:
    <add key="resolvers-count" value="2" />
  6. These sample settings allow two .exe processes to run concurrently.
  7. Note that it is not recommended to allow more than a value of 16 due to ensure maximum performance and there should be sufficient system RAM to support the use of 16 resolver/processes with NPrinting. More related information found under Performance Guidelines.
    <add key="resolvers-count" value="16" />​
  8. Save the config file
  9. Start Nprinting Engine


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