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Qlik NPrinting Unexpected CEF rendering exception with HTTP connection

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Qlik NPrinting Unexpected CEF rendering exception with HTTP connection


  • NPrinting connectivity problems
  • In the Qlik NPrinting web console under 'Apps>Connections', if using "http://" rather than "https://" within your NPrinting Connections to Qlik Sense application(s), a metadata error similar to the one below may be encountered:
"Object DBbpbc of Sense app 7d789264-16f6-41b5-8dce-7670e779345f failed to render. ERROR: CEF rendering exception. GRPC rendering request failed ---> request with id 72de0741a840422ca95690ba27f2a750 failed with remote error ErrorGenericResult, task CEF_ON_JS_ERROR_MESSAGE_RECEIVED, result: ERROR_JS_FAILURE_RESULT, a JavaScript call failed, , last js call: qlikPrintingService.render("7d789264-16f6-41b5-8dce-7670e779345f","np17-1eb48465-0512-4ca6-9ff3-44ebfca8ba84","object","DBbpbc")"
  • NOTE: If the conditions above do not apply to your environment, then it is not necessary to perform the specified update/workaround

Environments that may be affected:
  • Qlik NPrinting, April 2019 and earlier version when used with Qlik Sense September 2018 or higher.



  • An incompatibility was discovered in Qlik Sense Enterprise September 2018 or higher.  Issue occurs when http:// is used in the NP connection Proxy Address field instead of https://



  • This issue is solved in the June 2019 Release of Qlik NPrinting and may be viewed in the companion NPrinting June 2019 product release notes
  • Please upgrade preferably to the latest version of NPrinting to resolve the issue.


  • Use HTTPS:// rather than HTTP:// in the NP connection Proxy Address field
  • Stop the NPrinting Engine service
  • On your NPrinting Engine computer(s), locate the file c:\Program Files\NPrintingServer\NPrinting\Engine\engine.config
  • Within the "appSettings" section of this config file, add a line <add key="webrenderer-mashup-qs" value="wssecure=1" />
  • Repeat process for each NP Engine if you have more than one NPrinting Engine installed
  • Restart your NPrinting Engine service.


Defect ID:

  • OP-8526


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‎2021-06-01 06:45 PM
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