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Qlik NPrinting Upgrade Install from NPrinting 17.3.x or higher


Qlik NPrinting Upgrade Install from NPrinting 17.3.x or higher

About this article:


  • Qlik NPrinting 17.3.x and higher versions
! If upgrading from lower versions ie: NP 17.2.x and lower, there is an upgrade path that needs to be complied with. Please review the following links prior to upgrading:


Before proceeding please note the following:

*Carefully Review the Qlik NPrinting Product Release notes for the intended upgrade version

*Ensure that the version you wish to upgrade to meetings compatibility requirements with QlikView and or Qlik Sense

  • May 2021 SR 1 (and earlier) are not certified with Aug. 2021 Qlik Sense (or later versions)
  • NPrinting May 2021 SR 2 (no release date setting from R&D) is intended to support QS Aug. 2021
  • NPrinting May 2021 SR 2 release notes will be updated with compatibility information

*Do NOT uninstall Qlik NPrinting Server in order to upgrade. This is an 'in-place' upgrade*

*Do NOT perform an NPrinting Database restore at any point in the upgrade process*. The NPrinting tables are updated by the NPrinting upgrade process

  • Prepare for upgrade following Parts 1 and 2 below
  • A backup should be taken prior to the upgrade as a precautionary measure in case a roll back to the previous version is required
  • NPrinting must not be installed on the same computer as the QlikView or Qlik Sense servers. https://help.qlik.com/en-US/nprinting/Content/NPrinting/DeployingQVNprinting/Supported-unsupported-c...
  • Qlik Sense 3.1 is the minimum requirement for full interoperability with NPrinting 17.3.x and all higher versions
  • Once you are fully prepared, follow the install steps provided in Part 3 through Part 5 below.

Upgrade Steps:

Part 1: Prepare for the installation

System requirements:

Part 2: Back up the NPrinting Repository Database

  • Stop the Qlik NPrinting services
  • Open the Windows Service Manager (services.msc), and stop the following services (by right-clicking them, and then clicking Stop):
    • Qlik NPrinting Engine
    • Qlik NPrinting Scheduler
    • Qlik NPrinting WebEngine
    • Qlik NPrinting License Service (found in later version of NPrinting)
    • Qlik NPrinting Audit Log service (found in later version of NPrinting)
  • Create a folder for your NPrinting backups (NOTE: do NOT change any of the default paths below)
Create the folder "C:\NPrintingBackups"
  • Open a windows Administrative command prompt to perform the backup
  • Change directory using the following command: cd C:\Program Files\NPrintingServer\Tools\Manager
  • Copy the following syntax into the command prompt replacing yoursuperuserdbpasswordhere with the NP superuser password that was first used to install NPrinting with
Qlik.Nprinting.Manager.exe backup -f C:\NPrintingBackups\NP_Backup.zip -p "C:\Program Files\NPrintingServer\pgsql\bin" --pg-password yoursuperuserdbpasswordhere
Note: Before closing the Qlik.Nprinting.Manager.exe command prompt window: Ensure that the backup message "completed successfully" appears. The resulting back up file will be found in "C:\NPrintingBackups"

Part 3: Upgrade the NPrinting server using the steps in the links below and in the order as follows

!: Restart the NPrinting server after upgrade
!: NOTE: if you have restored a database after the upgrade unnecessarily, your NPrinting Scheduler and Engine service will fail to start. See Identify NPrinting Server restored with incorrect NPrinting database version
Upgrade the NPrinting Engine:
  • The NP engine  installation software used MUST match the version of the NPrinting server
  • Stop the Qlik NPrinting engine service before performing the upgrade

Reference: https://help.qlik.com/en-US/nprinting/Content/NPrinting/DeployingQVNprinting/Installing-q...

! From November 2018 release and newer versions of NPrinting, there are additional steps required for installing/upgrading the NPrinting Engine and a new port 4997 that needs to be opened on your computer and network firewalls. See the following article and video tutorial for more information.  NPrinting November 2018 Server and "New" Engine Certificate Installation and New Port 4997


Part 4: Check that all NPrinting services are running

  • Open the Windows Services panel and review all Qlik Nprinting services to ensure they are started
  • Log into NPrinting as usual and begin working
  • Note that once the upgrade is complete, you will find two automated NPrinting backup files created by the upgrade process that can be found here: C:\ProgramData\NPrinting. The upgrade process creates pre and post upgrade backup files that may be used for disaster recovery purposes. Product Version IDs and Upgrade dates are appended to these files. See examples below:
- 201810041251491282_nprinting18.19.6.0_backup_old.zip
- 201810041301581371_nprinting18.29.7.0_backup_new.zip
! For disaster recovery purposes, as a standard industry best practice, it is recommended to perform regular manual backups including the NPrinting repository database. See the following article for NP database backup and restore procedure

Part 5:

Finally, update all NPrinting Designers so that they match the NPrinting server and NP engine version that have been upgraded as per above

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