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Qlik Sense Enterprise: Can I edit base content or master items in a published app?


Qlik Sense Enterprise: Can I edit base content or master items in a published app?

This article is about if editing base objects in an app is a supported scenario in Qlik Sense Enterprise.

What is called "Base objects" in this article are objects that were added before publishing the app to a stream.
This includes sheets, charts, master items, ODAG etc.

Creating master items in published apps is not possible by default and also Creating ODAG links in published apps is not possible.

The help site states:

"The app is locked when published. Content can be added to a published app through the Qlik Sense hub in a server deployment, but content that was published with the original app cannot be edited."

However, this limitation is not hard-coded in Qlik Sense's source, and it is possible to remove this limitation by editing default security rules.


  • Qlik Sense Enterprise for Windows June 2017 and higher



Currently, editing base objects or creating master items in a published app is NOT a supported scenario.

Although the repository will still be able to ensure the consistency of the repository if one user is doing so, the main issue will be when several users try to edit the app at the same time as Qlik Sense is unable to tell if the user is seeing the app or editing its base objects.

In this use case when several users are editing the app at the same time:
- There will be no prompt that another user is editing the app
- The consistency of the app cannot be ensured, and the app might get corrupted.
- Master items won't get in the approved status and there will be inconsistencies, such as users other than the owner cannot see the object or the object gets lost when the app is duplicated.

In the same way, when granting editing rights to an unpublished app to several users, the customer should also be ensured that the app is not edited by different users at the same time.

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