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Qlik Sense Map How to Correct Location Could Not Be Found

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Qlik Sense Map How to Correct Location Could Not Be Found


Sometimes when loading data into Qlik Sense to be used in a map chart, there are issues with the look up of data and the location cannot be found. This can manifest as certain values or areas not showing up properly in the chart.


Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows , November 2018 Patch 2 and later

United States, in Missouri, there is a county which is also a city: St. Louis City.
When loading the data with some standard fields such as Country, State, County, City it was noticed that the county of St. Louis City was not being recognized. The error message shown in the map chart debug window was
"The following location could not be found: <location details here>. Review the values in your data and try again."

Note - to get to the error message / debug information to show in the map chart, go the charts properties > Appearance > Presentation > Show debug info. This is very useful when troubleshooting map issues. The debug information shows up near the top of the chart while in edit mode. 



The source data (for this example, county) did not align with the data in the Qlik database.




The resolution for this is to determine the corresponding names that are stored internally in Qlik Sense.

This was accomplished by using the Qlik GeoAnalytics connector. There is an article which describes the requirements for the connector and how to install this connector, Installing Qlik GeoAnalytics Plus.

Once the connector is installed, you can load in a list of US counties and view them to determine what the value should be.
For this example the exact value for the county of St Louis City is City of Saint Louis. (Note there is a second separate and different county with a similar name, which has the value of Saint Louis County).  These are the two values that should be used in the source data for the look up to be successful for each of these counties.

This process can be repeated to resolve other similar issues when the map does not display expected results because of look up.


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