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Qlik Sense: Problem with Security Certificate, Connection is untrusted

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Qlik Sense: Problem with Security Certificate, Connection is untrusted

Accessing the Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows hub or Management Console with HTTPS leads to a number of different browser errors (depending on browser vendor):

There is a problem with this website's security certificate. 

Problem with security certificate or connection is untrusted. 

Your connection is not private.


connection is not private.png

There is a problem with this websites security certificate.png

When selecting Continue.... the page will display with a red cross in its URL bar and the error:

Certificate error

Certificate error.png



Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows 


The client's web browser does not consider the certificate provided by the server to be trusted.

By default, Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows is installed with a server-side self-signed certificate. These are not trusted by clients and the error is to be expected. 




Use the correct URL

  1. Do not use the IP address of the server. The certificate is assigned to the hostname.
  2. Are you using an alias of the server name? Use the correct name.


Progress without action

  1. You can proceed without taking further action (not recommended)


Obtain and install a trusted certificate

  1. Obtain a valid Signed Server Certificate matching the Proxy node URL, from a trusted Certificate Authority (such as VeriSign, GlobalSign or trusted Enterprise CA) or your corporate certificate authority.  See Qlik Sense: Compatibility information for third-party SSL certificates to use with HUB/QMC for requirements. 
  2. Install the certificate as documented in Qlik Sense Hub and QMC with a custom SSL certificate.

Note: This still requires that the root certificate is installed locally on all clients. With trusted Certificate Authorities, this is usually the case by default. 


Import the root certificate on all local clients.

Don't have a certificate by a trusted Certificate Authority? You will need to import the certificate on all local clients.

This can be achieved using a Group Policy, see Distribute Certificates to Client Computers by Using Group Policy


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