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QlikView Container Box tab cuts off or truncates text


QlikView Container Box tab cuts off or truncates text

Text in the Box Tab of a container is cut off or truncated.

When using a container, the Box tab size may be reduced. This is especially visible when upgrading from an earlier version of QlikView to later releases. The Box tab may then cut off text or truncate text.

Recreating the objects or resizing manually does not fix the issue.

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The setting NavigationAreaSizedOnlyByLabels will need to be changed in the settings.ini of the QlikView Server service and/or QlikView Desktop and Plugin client. Applicable to all server services in a cluster.

For detailed instructions on how to modify the QlikView server settings file, see: How to Modify the QlikView Server Settings.ini file

You can find the settings.ini file for the QlikView Server in: C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\QlikViewServer\settings.ini

And for the Desktop client in: C:\Users\Administrator.DOMAIN.000\AppData\Roaming\QlikTech\QlikView\settings.ini


[Settings 7]


  1. If using the IE-plug-in, please ensure that the local settings.ini file has the workaround parameter added there as well.
  2. What happens when using "NavigationAreaSizedOnlyByLabels=1"? 
The setting affects the size of the navigation area of the containers. It was introduced for reverting to the old behavior, after a fix that solved an issue where customers complained about resizing containers. The navigation area covered a too big area in a container that was downsized. The new pragmatic new approach was to let the navigation area cover up to 20 % of the container.
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