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QlikView Server starts with error Error DOC loading: LoadDocument caught exception -2

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QlikView Server starts with error Error DOC loading: LoadDocument caught exception -2

If you experience QlikView Server service crashes you should look into the QlikView Server Event logs.
If you see the below entries then it might be that you have a corrupted application crashing the service every time it would try to load it into memory

20180911T073355.000+0200    20180911T073415.000+0200    1    300    Error    Restart: Server aborted trying to recover by restart. Reason for restart: Internal inconsistency, type CPV, detected.
20180911T073355.000+0200    20180911T073418.000+0200    1    300    Error    ServerDocumentEntry: DoLoad (TSmarterPtrBase<CServerDocumentEntry>): QArchiveException(cause=1) (ToThrow = CServerDocumentManager::FILE_CORRUPT)
20180911T073355.000+0200    20180911T073418.000+0200    2    500    Warning    Document Load: The document Path_to_application\Application.qvw failed to load.
20180911T073355.000+0200    20180911T073418.000+0200    1    300    Error    DOC loading: Exception while loading document Path_to_application\Application.qvw.
20180911T073355.000+0200    20180911T073418.000+0200    1    300    Error    DOC loading: LoadDocument caught exception -2
20180911T073355.000+0200    20180911T073418.000+0200    1    300    Error    Core dump: Core dump result = 1
20180911T073355.000+0200    20180911T073435.000+0200    4    700    Information    CNTService: The service was stopped.


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In such a case, you can first try to move this application away from the QlikView User Document folder so that the QlikView Server service won't try to load it. 

If it works you can then investigate the corrupted application using How to handle corrupt objects in QVW or corrupt QVW.

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