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Shared Files - General Information

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Shared Files - General Information

What is a Shared/TShared file?


.tshared files were introduced with QlikView 12.20 (November 2017) and are meant to provide additional stability. 12.20 and up can use both .shared or .tshared files.

There are multiple objects available for user collaboration and sharing through QlikView Server. These objects are stored in the .qvw file's .shared or .tshared file respectively. 

  • Bookmarks
  • Sheet objects, including charts
  • Reports
  • Annotations

Each of these objects may be defined as a user object and can be shared across authenticated users.

If the name of the QlikView document is changed, the .Shared file has to be manually renamed to match before opening the renamed QlikView document in QVS. This preserves the shared objects attached to the document.

When updating a server object, report, bookmark, or input field data, the file is exclusively locked. Making a selection or simply activating the object does not lock the file and any number of servers can read the file at the same time. A partial lock is implemented so that different sections of the file may be updated simultaneously by different servers in a cluster. The file is read once when the server opens the document, but it is not read again unless there are changes. All sessions share the same internal copy of the .Shared file (that is, opening a session generally does not require the file to be read from disk).

A QlikView administrator can manage the objects from the QlikView Management Console (QMC) from where they can be deleted or have ownership properties changed. 
Access shared objects by navigating to the QlikView document in the QMC > Documents > User Documents > Server > Server Objects tab. 

For additional management options, see the QlikView Cleanup tool instructions

Shared file requirements

Must be hosted on a Windows-based and owned share. Using .shared files on a NAS is not supported.

Shared file known issues

Prior to QV 11.2 SR 4, there are many known bugs pertaining to the file handling of shared files. These may include but not be limited to:

  • File deadlocking
  • Restricts document access
  • Server instability
  • Unexplained restarts
  • Server object anomalies
  • Loss of server objects (including bookmarks)
  • Inconsistent server object behavior


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