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Slow AccessPoint loading times and Management Console performance


Slow AccessPoint loading times and Management Console performance

The QlikView AccessPoint loads slowly or refreshes slowly and the QlikView Management Console is slow to list documents or load settings.

The QlikView AccessPoint may also show up empty.

This can be caused by having too many files stored in the QlikView server root folder and mounted folders. These folders may only include QlikView related files, such as: 

  • Persistent Group objects (.pgo)
  • QlikView documents (.qvw)
  • Shared files (.shared)
  • Meta files (.meta)

If other files are stored in these folders, QlikView will spend time scanning them, leading to loading delays. Make sure no other files, such as log files, XML files, images, or source files are stored in the Root Folder or Mounts. Verify that no subfolders are configured that contain these files.


Keep the QlikView Documents separate from the Root folder. Create a mounted folder for user documents. 

Root Folder C:\QlikView\Root
Mounted Folder C:\QlikView\QlikViewDocuments
Log Folder C:\QlikView\Logs
Temp Folder C:\QlikView\Temp
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A slow response Accespoint could be because it cannot reach the DSC on port. 
Check if port 4730 is open between the webserver and the server that is the DSC.

Even better, install a DSC on the machine that is running the webserver

I've had waiting times of 20sec for each display of a search of documents

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