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Talk to Experts Tuesday - Qlik Connectors and Web Connectors on March 23, 2021 FAQ

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Talk to Experts Tuesday - Qlik Connectors and Web Connectors on March 23, 2021 FAQ

This is the FAQ for the Talk to Experts Tuesday for Qlik Connectors and Web Connectors on March 23, 2021. For the recording and transcript, please see: Qlik Connectors and Web Connectors on March 23, 2021: Recording & Transcript.



We have started making use of some of the Qlik Web connectors recently, the SMTP connector and the FTP connector.  How would you use the General Web connector to connect to and extract data from a SOAP API? 

When using the General Web Connector, try getting it to work in a REST client for SOAP API. Whether it is Postman or something like Arc or PowerShell, then you should be able to transfer most of those parameters to the General Web Connector, do some testing, and get it working.

We are working on an article for this and will provide the link when available.


The new AWS Connector is great but has a limit of 1024 for token Size. This is an issue with some instances. Is there any way to configure this to be larger?

There doesn’t look to be a way to configure this. I would recommend creating an enhancement request within Ideation to see if it can be added.


When will the promised "February 2021" version be released that has the fix for the changes in the Google Analytics that has caused failures across a number of clients?

There were some issues with the Google Analytics connector addressed in December 2020 Patch 1. Some of the other problems are API limitations from Google, which we cannot fix.

For clarification on nomenclature, December 2020 Patch 1 was a mid-February release but was pushed back and released this week. The next major release will be May 2021. If you are looking for a release called February 2021 for a fix, it is more than likely in December 2020 Patch 1.


Is there a plan to fully integrate Web Connectors into Qlik Sense on Windows - we've been wanting that for a long time!

I have reached out to Product Management. I will update this post with any information. In the meantime, I would recommend creating an enhancement request within Ideation.


Is there a plan to merge REST and General Web Connector (mostly we just want DELETE and PATCH in REST connector)?

There is a similar Ideation available that we recommend upvoting and adding anything else you are looking for in the comments. Share the link with your colleagues and peers (a Qlik Community login is required to vote and comment).


Do you have plans to support system commands from the web connectors? That would be a much better alternative to the legacy mode in Qlik Sense when we need to use Curl for Windows authentication over REST because the web connectors cannot handle it.

I have reached out to Product Management. I will update this post with any information. In the meantime, I would recommend creating an enhancement request within Ideation.


I am new to REST and Web Connectors. Is there a plan to create a training module or course for those of us that are not fully familiar with the configuration and usage?

I have followed up with our Education team to see if they have anything planned. I will amend this entry if they come back with anything.

For now, please take a look at our recommended resources:


If you have any questions about any connectors, I would recommend posting to the Qlik Community Qlik Connectors Discussions page.


Where are the Qlik Sense ODBC Connector Package release notes located?

The ODBC Connector Package release notes are found within the Qlik Sense release notes. Look for the release notes for the version of Qlik Sense you have. Release notes are found on the Qlik Download site.

If you have QlikView, you can find the release notes for the ODBC Connector Package also on the Qlik Download site but under Qlik Connectors as it is a separate install.


I am having a problem to generate scripts through the QlikWebConnector for Gsheet document. The service is working, the version is from June 2020 but I have the same problem with the version from December 2020.  Receiving “There was an error running the table (Failed on attempt 1 to GET. (the underlying connection was closed: an unexpected error occurred while sending.))" 

Check the URL outside of Qlik and make sure you can make a connection. Verify the account you are using has access to the sheet. Lastly, check the logs. The problem may be related to the API.


I am trying to connect and pull out some stats: views, likes, dislikes, shares by date and video on our YouTube channel. I can use the report build to get all this by date  by using the “day” dimension) but whenever I add in the “video” dimension, I get an error (400: badRequest) saying that the parameters are incompatible. 

There should be a specific parameter to load videos with the YouTube connector. You have to specify the list of videos you are loading. Try checking Google’s documentation. The bad request message usually means it’s not the correct identifier.


I have REST-Connection with which I want to load data via XML. The access works and I can see all metadata with the connection string ending with "   /$metadata " ). But i am not able to see the tables in with wizard - so i am not able to build up the load script statements? What am I doing wrong or what I need for more information? Does the connection string have to end differently? 

This is very specific to the API that you’re hitting. You need to check the data source API documentation and make sure that you are retrieving what you want to retrieve. You may need to test it outside of our connector first (e.g., Postman) and make sure you’re able to get to the data source. Once you get to that point, you can usually transfer those parameters into our REST connector and retrieve the data.


I am interested in connecting Sales Manago(a marketing automation tool) to Qliksense. I am not sure where to start with this problem and would appreciate any advice or suggestions available.

I checked the documentation Sales Manago provides and it looks like you can use the REST connector. Start there and if you have any questions, I would recommend posting to the Qlik Community Qlik Connectors Discussions page.


Where can I find the ODBC connector logs? 

You can find the log files in the following locations:

  • Qlik Sense: {ProgramData}\Qlik\Custom Data\QvOdbcConnectorPackage\Log
  • QlikView: {ProgramData}\QlikTech\Custom Data\QvOdbcConnectorPackage\Log


Where {ProgramData} is %ALLUSERSPROFILE%.

For more information, please see the Help documentation.


If you have multiple Admin accounts for Web Connectors, all of them need to have the list of allowed IP addresses up to date. Is there a way to have that list available for all admins? Thanks!

I would suggest only using one admin. One Admin should be enough. If you need more than one admin, they would need to have the same configuration.


I need to connect Lucanet cubes with Qliksense.  Is there any dedicated connector to do that?   Or I have to connect directly to the database? 

Qlik does not provide a dedicated connector for Lucanet. Lucanet does offer support for ODBC. They should have a driver you can download and install then create a connection using the ODBC Connector.


Do I need to have a license for the SharePoint connector? 

Not anymore! The SharePoint connector is now apart of the standard connectors for Qlik Web Connectors and is also available on Qlik Sense SaaS.


Where can I find the logs for Qlik Web Connectors? 

There is a log files section on the Web Connectors home page. You can view the error logs and the API calls.


I know Bloomburg have limits on the number of things you can download during certain time periods but is it possible to link Qlik Sense to Bloomburg?

At the moment we do not have a connector specific for Bloomberg. You can enter a request in ideation for this or try searching for a way to connect via REST or ODBC within their documentation.


I want to connect to Sharepoint 365 but I fail by the authorization. I have seen that I have to authorize on Qlik Azure service, too. Is that correct?

Yes, this is correct. It is necessary that you authorize.


What is the difference between ODBC and MS SQL connector?

MS SQL connector is one of the connector types within the ODBC connector package. We provide dedicated ODBC connectors for Microsoft SQL and other database types.

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