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Troubleshooting QlikView License Lease Issues

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Troubleshooting QlikView License Lease Issues

A user opens the QlikView Desktop and attempts to lease a license from the QlikView Server. However, after successfully connecting and authenticating and even opening a QlikView document, the Desktop client remains unlicensed (Personal Edition). 

Relevant log file:

The relevant log file to review on the QlikView server to verify if the user has arrived and has attempted to lease a license is the QlikView Server Event log. Note that it will only log the relevant lines when set to High logging level.

Example results:

Notice License: License leased to user DOMAIN\ADMINISTRATOR 
Information CAL allocation: No CAL assigned to user "DOMAIN\QVSERVICE" - lease license denied


The common reason for QlikView license lease failing:


License lease has not been properly enabled in QlikView Management Console.


See How To Lease License From QlikView Server To QlikView Desktop Client for more details.


Test license is applied in QlikView server.


License lease is not allowed for test license, see QlikView Test Server FAQ for more details on test licenses. 


Client machines with multiple versions of QlikView desktop installed, or old installations that have not been cleaned up.


This means that if the user is opening QlikView from the correct shortcut everything is fine, but if he double clicks a .qvw a different version might open, breaking the lease. See How To Associate .QVW Extension To A Specific Version Of QlikView for detail on changing the QVW file association in Windows. 


License lease only allows a borrowed CAL to be used twice in a 24 hour / 7 day period, depending on the version.


This can cause problems if the user connects to many different servers in a Citrix "Farm" during this time. A single user can lease up to two licenses to two separate workstations within a 24 hour / 7 day period. An attempt to lease the third license in a 24 hour / 7 day period will be revoked if the same User ID is used. Additionally, the existing license lease of the third machine, should there be one previously existing, will be revoked in the case where the same User ID has leased a license from two other workstations in the previous 24 hour / 7 day period. The third machine will, however, be able to lease a license after 24 hours / 7 days have passed.  

Quarantine Period For Named User And Document CALs In QlikView Has Changed:
The quarantine time for Named User and Document CALs will be set to 7 days by the following deliveries;
QlikView 11.20 SR16 
QlikView 12.00 SR6 
QlikView 12.10 IR and later

Clients using multiple or roaming profiles.


The Lease info is stored locally in the profile, so if they no longer have access to it they will lose the lease. Look for root cause details in the LeasedLicense section of C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\QlikTech\QlikView\Settings.ini. The LeasedLicenseCheck value shows more details on why the license lease has failed.

LeasedLicenseCheck= INVALID

You can also open via QlikView Desktop Client > Help> Document Support Information and search for the parameters above, as below:



License Lease is not allowed if the QlikView Server license has a document restriction, meaning license only allows for a certain number of documents.


This is specified as a NUMBER_OF_DOCUMENTS tag in the license LEF file.


Deleting of the folder ConnectionsMRU und LeasedLicenseMRU in the Registry


Verify that the following registry key is present:
Registry > HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > QlikTech > QlikView 

User-added image

(More common on a Windows Server) The user is logged into a temporary profile.


This will allow the license to lease initially, but the lease will be removed once the temporary profile is cleared out. You can check for this after the user logs in by going to C:\Users and looking for the login name.  If it's not there, and there is a Temp folder, check there. One fix would be to disable temp profiles.


Port 4747 is not open on the computer attempting to lease the license from the QlikView Server and communication using QVP protocol isn't possible.


This typically the case when error "Connected to server OK, Negotiations Timed Out Switching to HTTP tunneling" is returned.


User-added image


one of our customers changed Server and Qlikview stop to work..

They are not able to find the original purchase...

If we give your the customer name, it could be possible to help them to recover the licence information?

Best regards,



Digital Support
Digital Support

Hello @giuval45 !

I would recommend reaching out to our Customer Support as they should be able to help you with that. Head over to https://support.qlik.com/ and log in there to create a ticket.

Kind Regards, 


Contributor III
Contributor III
Contributor III
Contributor III


I have installed qlik view desktop client which is personal edition and my admin has provided license to the server and provided me the access point url and with that I can able to open the document from open with server, after closing the document still my qlik view is prompting to personal edition itself. My admin provided CAL and allow license leased also enabled. Please help me out in resolving this issue. How can I lease license from server?



Digital Support
Digital Support

Hello @harithad95156 

Have you reviewed the provided solutions and troubleshooting steps in this article, beginning with a review of the QlikView server event logs for the license lease entry?

If the steps in this article do not help with resolving the issue, I would recommend posting to our QlikView Administration forum or contacting support.



Hi @Sonja_Bauernfeind 

thank you for all your ressources !

when port 4747 is not open, it is possible, with tunneling to open a qlikview document with plugin IE for example. Doest it mean, it is possible too, to borrow a license from server with tunelling even if port 4747 is blocked ?

Thanks and have a good day


Digital Support
Digital Support

Hello @jchoucq 

Leasing a license through tunnelling is not strictly supported. 

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