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Unpublished apps are missing in Hub Work area after upgrade

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Unpublished apps are missing in Hub Work area after upgrade

Unpublished apps are missing in the Personal Work space of the Qlik Sense Hub after upgrading Qlik Sense. Prior to the upgrade,  Personal Work also displayed unpublished apps from other developers, while after the upgrade only personally owned apps are visible.



Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows 
Upgraded from versions prior to April 2019


Personal Work space in only intended for all apps owned by the accessing users. Developer collaboration is expected to be done through a stream-based publishing workflow.

Applying a shared work space increases the risk of losing development work;

  • Auto-save overwrites changes made by simultaneously active developers.
    Note, auto-save is introduced for script and data manager in Qlik Sense in February 2019 and later.
  • Qlik Sense has no native support for version control for app files, which means the product is not designed for collaborative/simultaneous work on the same physical file.

The above risks are mitigated by following best practices for collaborative works as documented in Qlik Sense Help – Publishing Workflow.

Long term recommendation is to adopt the collaboration best practices as described in Qlik Sense Help - Collaborate.

It is possible to enable system setting --enable-non-published-sharing to filter Personal Work space for all unpublished apps. Enabling this setting will in most cases lead to a slower hub opening time as more apps are evaluated against the security rules prior to rendering the content.

NOTE 1: This can only be applied in Qlik Sense November 2018 patch 3 or later

NOTE 2: Other Hub navigation improvements are not affected by this configuration

  1. Edit C:\Program Files\Qlik\Sense\ServiceDispatcher\services.conf (or the equivalent path if you chose a non-default install location)
  2. Search for the section [hub.parameters]
  3. In that section add  --enable-non-published-sharing
  4. Restart the Qlik Sense Service Dispatcher
  5. Repeat on each node in the deployment

IMPORTANT: The configuration must be repeated every time when Qlik Sense is upgraded or patched




Responsiveness improvements optimize the way security rules, database access, and hub service work together.

As part of this optimization, Personal Work space is by default filtered on published apps that are owned by the accessing user. This gives to shortest possible list of apps to evaluated against the security rules, when Hub is opened, resulting in the fastest possible Hub opening time.

In the new default behaviour, it is no longer possible to share unpublished apps in Personal Work space among different users. See Qlik Sense April 2019 release notes for more details on the Hub performance improvements.

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