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Windows Commands To Retrieve Environment Information v2.19

Digital Support
Digital Support

Windows Commands To Retrieve Environment Information v2.19

Please run the ServerStat BAT file attached here. It will generate a text file that is placed on the same location where the .bat file was run from.

Note: If logged in to the Support Portal, the files can be downloaded directly from this article. 


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The attached batch file can be used to answer following questions at one shot:

  1. What is OS version?
  2. Is Firewall turned on/off?
  3. Is XXX service running?
  4. Is port XX listened by the correct process?
  5. What is running on the server?
  6. Is there Anti-Virus software running in the background?
  7. What is service account?
  8. Is the service account in the correct groups?
  9. Does the server have enough disk space?
  10. What's the make / model of this server box?
  11. What's the hostname / IP address of this server?
  12. Is this a VM or a physical server?
  13. Is this server part of a domain?
  14. What KB patches have been installed?
  15. What software have been installed and installation date?
  16. What are Qlik products' versions?
  17. What host name was used during installation of Qlik Sense?
  18. What is current LEF info on this system?
  19. What is Proxy settings on this machine?
  20. Is IIS running on this machine?
  21. What is Security Policies applied?
  22. What is Local Policies applied?
  23. Retrieve hosts file
  24. Retrieve list of installed certificate
  25. Retrieve Log ON Account
  26. Retrieve Service List
  27. Check Mapping drive
  28. Retrieve postgresql.conf and pg_hba.conf
  29. Show Power Plan
  30. Show FIPS status
  31. Show Qlik Sense Service Recovery settings
  32. Show Windows Scheduled Tasks and next execute time.
  33. Show all installed printers.
  34. Show .NET Framework version
  35. Show "ServicesPipeTimeout" value from Registry
  36. Show BitLocker status

Please run as Administrator, otherwise, the following will be printed:

error administrator privileges required.png


If the bat file can not be downloaded, then please down load the attachment 2 then rename it into .BAT file.

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