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You cannot access Qlik Sense because you have no access pass

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You cannot access Qlik Sense because you have no access pass

When an end-user connects to the Qlik Sense Hub, Qlik Sense verifies first if they have a valid license to interact with the product. This could be a professional or analyzer user license, an analyzer capacity license, or a user or login access pass. If the user cannot be verified to have any license assigned, an error will be shown.

You cannot access Qlik Sense because you have no access pass

The message may be shown despite of the user having been allocated a license.

In Qlik Sense June 2019 and later, an additional version of the error message was introduced, indicating when a user has reached their maximum allowed concurrent sessions:

Too many sessions active in paralell

* See You cannot access Qlik Sense because you have no access pass - intermittent problem.


Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows 




Does the user have a license?

Verify if the user has a license assigned. 

For Signed License Keys this could be a:

For licenses still using Tokens, this could be a:



Assign a License or ensure you have sufficient Capacity minutes 


If the user has just been assigned a license prior to logging in the first time:

This often occurs when a user is being assigned a license or token based on an active directory group, and has not yet been synchronized. The license check for user-based licenses (professional and analyzer) and tokens occurs when you access the hub.

If you access the hub without a license and subsequently are assigned a token or professional or analyzer access, the license check has already occurred, and you will get a "no access pass" error, stopping you from interacting with apps. Log out and log in again for the license to be recognized.

  1. Logout with the user from both the hub and Qlik Sense Management Console (if applicable).
  2. Log back in.


If the Qlik Sense server is licensed with a signed license and the licensing server has not been reachable for too long:

If a signed license key cannot be verified with the license backend for 5 days, licenses will be disabled. 

The below log entities can be found from Licenses Log
{"caller":"handler.go:61","level":"info","message":"invalid license error, license verification error: lic is stale","res.errorType":"licenses.InvalidLicenseError","res.statusCode":403,"timestamp":xxxxxx"}


{"caller":"sync.go:290","corrId":"26ab589a897f6e56:26ab589a897f6e56:0:1","level":"info","licenseNumber":"XXXXXXXX","message":"re-syncing assignments with the backend","timestamp":"2020-01-20T08:13:32.7038396Z"}
{"caller":"handler.go:44","corrId":"35b5cbb055734329:35b5cbb055734329:0:1","errorMessage":"Too much time has passed since the last license update","errorType":"LICENSES-OutdatedLicense","level":"info","statusCode":403,"timestamp":"2020-01-20T08:13:32.7438444Z"}

Verify that the Qlik Sense server has an active internet connection and that connectivity to license.qlikcloud.com on port 443 is possible from the server running the Qlik Sense licensing service. 

See Using a Qlik signed license in an offline environment for details. 


  • Reconnect the Qlik Sense server to the internet and allow for the licensing service to check in with license.qlikcloud.com.
  • Restart Dispatcher service 
  • In some rare cases, the Management-Server only has temporary access to the Internet, so sometimes it is able to connect to https://license.qlikcloud.com and sometimes not. It needs to have permanent access to the licence-URL, to be able to correctly work.
  • If you are in the above rare cases or if the sync doesn't seems to be performed, there is a way to force the sync: go to the QMC site license (qmc/sitelicense), remove one character and click to "apply".

    The license will be refused as it's an incorrect one. This action will force the license synchronization.


A license conversion was planned and the date has passed

During the conversion, the client has to prepare and switch the users from tokens to professional/analyzer licenses. 

After this conversion date, a periodic cleanup of tokens in the backend license server will occur. If this clean up happens and an admin has not finished the conversion, all tokens will be removed from the users. The result will be the 'no access pass' message.


Allocate new professional analyzer licenses according to the conversion plan. 


For additional troubleshooting steps, see:

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Hi Maria - Is it possible to generate alert from the logs in the event the server won't be able to connect to the license server? Is this info from the log being reported in any of the monitoring app?


Digital Support
Digital Support

Hello @jpjust 

Alerts are created in the Qlik Sense log files.

You can see an example provided in the article. This is from the License log, which is by default stored in your Qlik\Sense\Log\Licenses folder.

Additionally, the Repository Trace logs will also send alerts. 

It is, however, not directly exposed in a specific section of the Monitoring Apps. If you'd like to see this being implemented, I would suggest logging an Idea in our Ideas section. I believe this is a good idea to forward to our developers.

All the best,

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