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Partner - Contributor II
Partner - Contributor II

Add last 3 months Avg to next month

Hi. I have a line graph and the dimension is YearMonth.

In that graph I want to have a line where I show actuals until current month. And after that I want to add an average based on the 3 last months that are completed (right now: december, november, october).

The line should show the accumulated value.

Lets say we have values for Yearmonths like this:

2021-01: value 25

2020-12, value: 3 

2020-11, value: 10

2020-10, value: 5


Then avg for 3 months should be: (3+10+5)/3 = 6


In yearmonth-graph then should we have actual value: 25 on 2021-01. On 2021-02 it shows accumulated: 25+6 = 31

In march: 25+6+6=37 and so on. So the Avg of the last 3 finished months should be added to each future month of the year.


Any ideas? I can get the value but then it is just added 3 months back and not in future. Tried with AsOfMonths-tables and so on without succeding so far.

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Specialist III
Specialist III

add average value