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Creator II
Creator II

Data Cleansing

Hi All,

I have below data which is actually a report and I have pulled some sort of data from it, now the demand is to make a dashboard only basis on this report and we can not make any change in the excel format anything required to change only would be possible in qlik sense itself.

I want to add a separate column of highlighted total values so that I can make reports accordingly. Please advise

Salary/Wages Indirect5,14,2144,51,3695,17,4105,35,8085,84,182
Overtime Scheduled Indirect5,43238,90343,44543,6186,524
Overtime Unscheduled Indirect1,27,15091,9041,06,20681,0061,28,165
Indirect Labor Benefits2,39,3152,15,4052,46,8122,44,3602,65,983
Temporary Indirect Labor20,62610,01720,25119,19819,292
Total Indirect Labor9,06,7378,07,5999,34,1249,23,98910,04,146
COGS Depreciation Expense6,33,6056,34,46613,54,59815,03,63915,43,900
Total Depreciation6,33,6056,34,46613,54,59815,03,63915,43,900
Utilities Electric5,39,3765,40,2165,63,3786,76,8487,11,619
Utilities Gas91,72563,0512,51,6781,36,1041,02,884
Utilities Water/Sewer1,51,7572,25,9801,46,5521,97,4432,29,718
Utility Expense7,82,8588,29,2469,61,60910,10,39610,44,222
Waste Disposal5,16810,20632,12158,10324,894
Dust Handling3,28,3493,47,6513,97,7184,97,1205,06,260
Poly Handling00000
Intraplant Freight00000
Contract Services Other49,63332,78358,23948,05988,956
Professional Fees Consulting008,75000
Contract & Professional Servic3,83,1503,90,6404,96,8276,03,2826,20,110
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Contributor III
Contributor III