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Data model question

I have trouble ticket data, with one row per ticket (issue).  Each row has a status (open or closed), a created_week (Saturday of the week the ticket was opened), and a resolved_week (Saturday of the week the ticket has been closed, if it was closed; else NA). 

I’d like a bar chart with a bar per week, showing the opened count (count of rows with the matching creation week) minus the closed count (count of rows with resolved week equal to bar label).  In other words, the net change to the cumulative number of open tickets each week.  Can I do this with the data structure I have?  Or do I need a different data model? 

I'm using Qlik Sense.

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Hi Gerard, your base trouble is counting one record in two different dates? Maybe this post can help you: Canonical Date


Check this sample QVW, it help a lot for build muy own.

Master II
Master II

Hi Gerard,

You should be able to achieve what you are looking for. If you face any issues, attach a sample QVF file.