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Creator III

Drill down dimenion create problem in QlikSense


I am using 2 fields in drill down extensions and below is the screen shot for this. The main problem is one of my field 'Short description' shows in the table as [Short description] instead of showing 'Short description' in table header. So how can i remove '[]' from the table header?


in the table header it is showing as:

So I need r\to remove the [] character from the header. Please what to do now?

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Partner - Champion III
Partner - Champion III

Usually you just modify the default label which is only a copy of the field name.

You mention "Drill Down Extension" which extension is that? Where did you get it from?

The table you are using is it the built-in standard "Table" component found under Charts?

Creator III
Creator III


the drill down is default available to Sense, so when u go to make the master items , you will have the option.

I am using table chart here.

Partner - Creator III
Partner - Creator III

Hello Sandip,

you must make a copy of that in the load script and change the name there (or you change the name directly) and use this in the Drill Down dimension



[Short Description]

[Short Description] as Short-Description


from ...

In the Master Items you can not change the label in the current version of Qlik Sense