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Extract QlikSense dashboard as image from load Script

Hi Experts,

I have built an application having 3 sheets with different charts, tables and graphs.

Now, I have a requirement, where in I need to save the dashboard (Sheets) as a PDF or an image in a folder after I load the data. I need a script to save the active sheet or all sheets to one particular folder. 


Thanks in advance.

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Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

Hi @harsha 

You  cannot extract QlikSense dashboard as image from load Script.But there are two ways 

1.You can create N-Printing report of your dashboard and run it

Distribution report to folder: 

Qik Entity: 


2. You can use N-Printing API in qlik sense.So everytime your dashboard will get load.Reports will generated and dump at your specific location.

How to use Qlik NPrinting APIs inside a Qlik Sense load script:

Please refer this links 

Thanks and Regards
Mayur Ingale