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Contributor III
Contributor III

Fetch data scripting

Hello, i'm new in qlik and i have an issue. 

I have the following files. They are generated daily (the file of today is generated with the day of yerterday) : 


I want to have a script that can : 

Step 1 : If a file is created today, the file is fetched and stocked in a qvd file. Then for the next day, create another qvd file that will erase the one of the previous day. This will be done until the last day of the month

Step 2 When the file name reaches the end of the month,  it stores in a qvd file, and then restart STEP 1. 

NB : All the files with CVARiskReport.v5_XXXXXXXX.2.csv should not be taken into consideration

Thanks alot

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Contributor III
Contributor III

It's working, thanks alot. 

Now i'm trying to manage weekends with the qlik fontion networkdays in the place of today(), but it doesn't work.